DRLC Oil Water Separators

Dual Reverse Lamella Clarifier is a unique design utilizing dual coalescer plate packs situated in the flow path where the first pack flows from top to bottom and the second pack flows from the bottom to the top. This design increases contact time as well as auto flushes the first pack which would experience the most solids. Dual settling chambers and on board Oil Collection Tank adds to the unique design. Constructed in 304 Stainless Steel, powder coated and a final ceramic clear coat provides a high quality product designed to provide many years of service.

DRLC OWS 10– 10 GPM– 18” x 48” x 54”- 500lbs DRY WEIGHT
DRLC OWS 20– 20 GPM– 30” x 60” x 54”- 800lbs DRY WEIGHT
DRLC OWS 50– 50 GPM– 48” x 72” x 54”- 1300lbs DRY WEIGHT
DRLC OWS 100– 100 GPM– 60” x 84” x 54”- 2200lbs DRY WEIGHT



A-OWS Inlet accepts incoming waste stream.

B-Initial settling area and quiescence area for solids, oily waste and water separation.

C-First chamber oil skimmer for collection of separated oil.

D-Reverse Lamella Coalescing pack that separates free oil from water through coalescing. Solids are allowed to be flushed through coalescing media via reverse flow (downward) while creating increased contact of oil with media. Free oils float and solids traverse downward.

E-Secondary quiescence settling area for solids removal and free oil separation.

F-Secondary Lamella Coalescing pack to further coalesce oils and settle solids transferred from the initial RLC pack.

G-Secondary oil skimmer for second chamber to collect free oils.

H-Tertiary separation section provides additional separation from outlet to allow for solids settling and free oil separation.

I-Tertiary settling section for collection of settled solids.

J-Outlet separation tube provides additional separation for the outlet discharge.

K-OWS outlet.

L-Free Oil Collection Chamber provides on board integrated oil collection and separation. Section accepts skimmed oil from passive skimmers. Separates the oils from the water then discharges the free oil to a customer supplied collection tank.

DRLC Oil Water Separators

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