Clear Flow Systems

The ClearFlow Automatic ClearFloc Wastewater Treatment Systems represent the latest advancements in water treatment technology. These units are fully automated continuous batch treatment systems; meaning that they will treat a volume of water and then treat additional volumes one after another until the entire volume is treated. The systems utilize several unique cost-saving technologies which are energy efficient and help protect the environment. Fully automated wastewater treatment process utilizing a bentonite based and polymer flocculent, ClearFloc, to remove solids, oils, inks, paint, dyes, metals, BOD and COD.

Consider the Benefits of a ClearFlow System

• ClearFlow Systems provide consistent treatment in a fully automated and completely adaptable format. All controls and motor functions have variability to the infinite level to allow the process to be “tuned” to your specific needs. The systems include Ethernet capability to allow access to critical information and to provide email notification of operational status.

• ClearFlow Systems are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and designed to be rugged and long lasting. The system is also powder coated and then a ceramic clear coat is applied in entirety.

All components have a high level of compatibility with the potential variety of waste streams it may encounter. Components selected are well known for quality and long lasting service.

• ClearFlow Systems can be warranted for Five Years on replacement parts. Every component for 1,825 days.

• ECE’s blend’s of Clear Floc Encapsulate provides assurance in the proper treatment of the waste stream generating a high quality effluent while ensuring the resulting spent Clear Floc will pass TCLP and be able to be discharged as a non hazardous waste. ECE will provide assurance in the form of a warranty that a TCLP will be passed.

• ClearFlow Systems not only provide a quality effluent but also reduced cost of operation compared to similar operations. ECE can provide a cost of operation warranty that assures the client the Environmental Compliance Equipment cost to operate will not exceed a preset cost. Now ourclients can write a number on the P&L for waste treatment cost and know it will not exceed that line item.

• ClearFlow Systems can be applied to a variety of waste streams and can be programmed to process multiple waste streamsusing a single system. Multiple waste streams that cannot be comingled can be treated using one ClearFlow system.

Adaptability of the programming allows one system to treat multiple wastes.

• ClearFlow Systems can provide water for reuse in all applications using post treatment technologies to provide high quality recycled water. We use corona discharge ozone, UV ozone and UV sterilization. Various media’s form carbon, multi-media, ion exchange and filtration.

Clear Flow Systems