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"We Borrow The Environment From Our Children, Let's Ensure We Leave It Better For Them"

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Our Logo Tells The Story

Our logo defines our company and what we do. The C in our logo represents a technology that will remove contaminants from water. A filter, a media, advanced oxidation or a separation technology. The brown E represents waste water contaminated from being used in industrial applications such as cleaning, lubricating, plating, mixing and cooling. As the brown E flows through the C the contaminants are removed leaving a clean, clear blue E which represents now cleaned water.

Environmental Compliance Equipment is a technology company that designs, develops, implements and maintains industrial waste water treatment systems worldwide. In 2014, our company celebrated its tenth year in business with many successful clients around the world. Company principals have over 20 years of experience individually in industrial wastewater. Our focus is providing solid, quality products that will last an exceptionally long period for we believe quality is measured by length of service, minimal downtime and minimal part replacement. As quality is a priority, our top priority is our customers satisfaction. We believe that the relationship begins after the sale where we provide the product on time, provide complete training and then keep in constant contact to ensure complete satisfaction. There is no higher measure for success than a satisfied customer.

Thank you for visiting our company and your interest in our products, it is greatly appreciated.

Andrew C Hyatt



Fully automated wastewater treatment process utilizing a bentonite based and polymer flocculent to remove solids, oils, inks, paint, dyes, metals, BOD and COD.


DRLC Oil Water Separators

Dual Reverse Lamella Clarifier is a unique design utilizing dual coalescer plate packs situated in the flow path where the first pack flows from top to bottom and the second pack flows from the bottom to the top. This design increases contact time as well as auto flushes the first pack which would experience the most solids. Dual settling chambers and on board Oil Collection Tank adds to the unique design.



Nano Bubbler advanced aeration starts turning over the waterbody and increases the microbial breakdown of organic sediment in both the water and pond/seabed sediment. This process increases dissolved oxygen and reduces odor without the use of chemicals, naturally, reducing the need for harmful chemicals.


Water Rights Systems

It is your right to clean, clear water. Technologies designed as secondary treatment or primary for less concentrated waste water. Filtration, advanced oxidation and sterilization.

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ClearFloc Demo

The ClearFloc Demo video shows how our ClearFloc bentonite based water treatment blends treat water effectively removing emulsified oils, solids, metals, inks, paints, BOD and COD generating a clear effluent that can be safely discharged or reused as is or apply one of our other technologies to provide secondary treatment.